Thursday, December 22, 2011

When you find the Muse, RUN!

Those who have played the Nintendo game "Mario" would remember that part where Mario gets a power star and keeps crushing everything on its way without getting hurt. The only problem is that the power star goes off after a while and Mario returns to normal. Same goes for us, our effectiveness with our work, relationships, academics and everything else varies with time. Sometimes we are highly effective and at other times, we are simply dragging our feet.

Attending seminars, psyching ourselves up, and the motivations we get for our daily up-keeps are fantastic. But I have realized that no matter how much we attend symposiums on how to make money or to have a lovely relationship, it doesn't still work out for a lot of people. Sometimes it even gets worse like when I read the book about how to work more and sleep less. That was when I began to sleep more and work less. But seriously, I believe that as much as we motivate ourselves to become more effective, we need more.

We need something that can help us get up early in the morning to do all we need to do to succeed. We need what poets call the Muse! An inner inspiration, strength, and wisdom that puts us at the top of our skills and performance.

Sometimes, we find it just the way Mario finds the power star but how fast do we run when we find it? How much do we do when you find the muse? Wait a minute, is it okay to wait for a muse to perform at optimum or do we just go out of our way to find it anyway. I have heard of singers who take marijuana and Indian hemp to perform better. Athletes who take hard drugs to get excellent results. Everyone is trying to keep up with the muse.

I must confess here that I do not know how to find the muse, the motivation to work at the peak of our strength and wisdom. Sometimes, I walk away from the problem for a while, or take a vacation, do something lighter and interesting. Sincerely, I am still trying to figure out the perfect way but I would caution people not to do what will hurt them during the course of finding the muse.

However, there is something I do know. Whenever you feel it that you are on top of your skills, strength and wisdom, then run as fast as you can.


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