Saturday, December 31, 2011

People Just like Us

What our physical eyes cannot see, our inner eyes can. Those who watch a bomb blast scene from afar, on television can't be compared to those who were right there when it happened. Well, that's a fact! The victims of such blasts had their flesh torn off, bones probably broken, while some never get to wake up again, the doctor had pronounced them dead. They get zipped up in bags, piled with other bags and moved to the morgue  Some get burnt to ashes for an offence they never committed and knew nothing about.

These people had their own lives, hopes, families, relationships, twitter accounts, facebook walls. They are men, women and children just like us. There's someone's dad, mom, husband, wife, brother, sister, uncle, friend and ... fill in the gap. But in the twinkle of an eye, at the sound of a blast, they were gone! Gone with the wind!

It's no longer news what happened last sunday at Madalla, Niger state, very close to Abuja, Nigeria, of the suicide bomb blast that claimed several lives and left others injured. Church worshippers who came to celebrate the Christmas with their loved ones. Did they bargain for this on a Christmas sunday? Definitely not!

Even if you were not at the blast scene, take a minute, look at the scene with your inner eyes. See the people who were once smiling happily out of church, looking forward to the warmest christmas, as their hopes got dashed, as their lives came to an abrupt, unforseen end, at the sound of a blast. People just like me and you.

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  1. Its rily sad, dear. This kinda occurrence jus drives me into thinking deep, rily some people don't deserve to live in this same world with others, they probably should never have been born.Ow will u jus take lives away in a jiffy, for a cause nobody seems to understand?


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