Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What if we've all been dreaming?

Imagine you were dreaming, and something bad, really bad was about to happen to you. Something as bad as falling off a tall building, or at gun point with this bad guy who is about to shoot you in the forehead. What would you do? Well, there is nothing much you can do, than to wake up from the dream.

You wake up suddenly, panting and then you come back to reality. You tell yourself that you've just had a bad dream. You get up from bed, put on your pair of slippers and go to the bathroom to wash your face. You are no longer in the dream world, but hey? Let's go back to the dream.

In the dream, you were falling off a tall building but you could not wait to see the end of it, you had to wake up quickly. But you fell off the building down to ground! People came around you, you were unconscious. Passers-by had to look into your wallet to identify you, an ambulance came around to help you to the hospital. Little do they know that you are no longer in the dream. They do not even have an idea that you are actually in the bathroom somewhere else washing your face and wondering why you had such a bad dream.

Sometimes, I look at our lives, the world we live in, the mystery of everything surrounding it and it leaves me in awe. We never saw the beginning of our lives, we were only told the story of how we were born. We cannot see the end of it either. If we were falling off a tall building in reality, we only fall off and helpers come around us, check our wallet to identify us and an ambulance comes around to pick us up to the hospital while our loved ones pray so hard that we make it.

What if we really wake up somewhere else? What if we wake up wondering what kind of dream we had? What if we wake up, put on our pair of slippers and go the bathroom to wash our face? What if we've all been dreaming?


  1. Dats why am always scared of dreaming!!!Never knew u could write like this.


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