Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oluwabunmi Ibrahim

Oluwabunmi Ibrahim (June 1991- December 2010)

I stumbled on Bunmi while searching for a childhood friend of mine with the same names and barely three months after we met, she passed away. I had the opportunity to meet her face to face just once, a month before she died. It's exactly a year today. It happened on her way back from school on a saturday like this. She died in an auto crash on her way back from FUTA (Federal University of Technology Akure).

I am so sure Oluwabunmi, that your family remembers you today. I don't know them but I feel their agony and pain, and of your closest friends, they all remember you today. This world misses you. Your family and friends miss you. I miss you. 

Sleep on dear friend.

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  1. when it happend God was aware n He was where her friends and family members were...d world will forever miss u Bunmi!


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