Thursday, December 15, 2011

I remember you

How do you explain to someone that you have not spoken to in a long time that you remember them? that they are always on your mind.

Deep in the inside of you, you want to reach out to the people in your life-very special people. Former school colleagues, teachers, lecturers, relatives, friends in church, pastors-really special people who have contributed in their own simple ways to what you are today. You might just spend the whole of your monthly budget trying to connect with them.

Yes, social networks are really helping us to reduce the cost of reaching out but how about a phone call? Wouldn't that suffice?

Dear Friends, mentor, colleague, teacher, oga, ....
I want to use this medium to let you know how much I remember you. The calls are not coming in, you have not gotten any text message from me in a very long time, but you mean a lot to me. I have not forgotten you. You will see because the next time your phone rings, it might just be me calling.


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