Thursday, December 22, 2011

Songs for the season

"Come to the well" is casting crowns newest album. It features songs just as "Courageous", the official sound track of a movie with the same name from Sherwood Pictures.
I have listened to the songs over and over and I love them all.
My favourite songs are "Courageous", "Already there", "The Well", "Angel", "So far to find you"

Don Moen released his newest album about 2 months ago "Uncharted Territory" with real cool songs (as usual). I noticed he co-wrote most of the songs with Mia Fieldes and  Claire Cloninger (the same Claire Cloninger in "We give you Glory"). Okay my favourite songs in Uncharted Territory are "Uncharted Territory", "You will be my song", "Somebody's praying for me", "My Portion You will ever be", "Thank You Jesus" and "Burn".

If you have listened to any of these albums, please it would be my pleasure to get your reviews, especially your favourite songs, thanks!

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