Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dirge Lingers On

Today makes it exactly one year since you passed away, Oluwayemisi Saidat Lawal (YSL). That we miss you is an understatement. A whole lot of the sad times we went through last year still linger in our mind. I remember that wednesday night, when the news broke and all of our coursemates gathered together between Tedder and Mellanby Hall, the loud cries, the bitter feelings. They are all still fresh in our mind. The dirge too lingers on too.

"When I remember Yemisi, water comot my eyes, aye aye, water comot my eyes"
"Yemisi da? A o ri, Yemisi da? A o ri, Se Paris lo wa, A o ri, Canada lo wa a o ri".

It is true that we have to put the past behind and move with our lives. Truly we have learnt also to accept that you are no longer with us, but 3rd of March brings again to our mind, the loss, your smile, your gentle face and caring self.

We truly miss you Oluwayemisi. Right now, we are on the verge of going to serve. Sincerely I wish you are around too, to pick up call up letter and all those stuffs. I am sure, however that you are taking a good rest from all the wahalas of this world.

Rest well YSL. We miss you and we'll always remember you.