Thursday, December 15, 2011

Courageous the movie

If you have seen the newest movie from sherwood pictures, the producers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, then you would agree with me that indeed, we would have less destitutes, crimes, and problems in our society if the men will only stand and take up their responsibilities, love their wives, be the best dad to their children.

I have joined men across the world and in Nigeria who are willing, who are courageous enough to say "I Will". This is our resolution, this is our stand, to be real men, dads, sons, and children of God. To be responsible to our nation, family and society.

You will learn a lot from this movie such as honesty and integrity (wow! honesty pays so much), parenting (especially fathering) and lots more.

Watch the trailer here and get to the theatres too, it is now showing.


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  1. Nice movie it is n a big 2 watch movie n dint let dis one pass me by


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