Friday, January 13, 2012

We are the government!

Maybe the announcement of the removal of oil subsidy by the federal Government of Nigeria has made us see something more, far more than angry people protesting on the streets and voicing their discontent.

I've been following the news for a while. This is the fifth day of strike and protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and Trade Union. I wouldn't know if you've noticed what I'm noticing. Do you notice the bond, oneness, solidarity spirit among the Nigerian people? It is obvioulsy obvious!

KWAM 1 (Musician) addressing the protesters in Ojota, Lagos

From the cries of Pastor Tunde Bakare to Prof. Pat Utomi, Femi Falana to Nasir El-rufai, Pasuma Alabi to Raskimono, Chinua Achebe to Wole Soyinka, the massive turn out by Nigerians everywhere to voice their discontent on the level of governance is laudably impressive.

I see people from all walks of life, different ethnic groups, professionals-doctors, lawyers, scientists, coming together for a course, set on a voyage irresolute until the government heeds to their call. The removal of fuel subsidy has awaken the giant in us. Never in the history of Nigeria has it been like this, at least for all I have seen. We are probably reaping the dividend of democracy-A government of the people, by the people, for the people. We are the government and what's more?

I have seen the power of oneness, women weeping together, children holding hands saying a prayer for the nation, men who love their country and are willing to sacrifice anything to bring back the pride at any price. I see a new nation emerging. This is a revolution of a life time as much as the eclipse of the sun is for a lifetime.

Protesters on the street

I see a nation where everyone cares about each other again, where everyone is her brother's keeper. Where we are so concerned about the lives of our comrades and will not stop to hurt anyone who dares hurt them (especially the black uniform men, will they kill us all?). I see a nation where the lives of every citizen matters now, at least this strike has shown how much people care.

Until the government succumbs to the cries of the masses, we will not comprise. Who is the government anyway? We!

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